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Adult Orthodontics

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusion. In other words it is straightening of the teeth. With the use of modern technology, our Kibworth clinicians can eliminate spaces, correct overlapping teeth, and move teeth into an improved position and so improve the bite.

When should you have Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is making the best of your teeth and improving the harmony of your mouth and jaws. Age is not a barrier to treatment. At Kibworth Dental Centre we have treated patients with orthodontics from age 8 to 70. Orthodontics is frequently done during teenage years, however, because of the discreet and effective nature of lingual and aligner treatments such as Invisalign and Incognito, more and more adults are choosing to have treatment in order to enhance their appearance, dental health and improve their confidence.

Choosing you clinician

Orthodontics is a highly specialised area of dentistry and our Kibworth clinicians have trained for many years and treated many cases successfully. Orthodontic treatment can be complex and so you should always check your clinician is an expert in the field before starting treatment.

Before any treatment commences we will provide you with a full treatment plan detailing the costs and the procedure so you are in full control of your care.

The Process

When we first meet you we will discuss your needs and the pro’s and con’s of each treatment. In order to allow us to effectively plan your case we will need to complete a comprehensive orthodontic examination. This may require xrays. When we talk through the treatment options available to you, we encourage you to ask any questions so you can decide what treatment is right for you.

What is the right solution for me?

We are fortunate to be able to offer the full range of orthodontic treatment modalities. These include fixed braces worn on the front of the teeth, lingual braces, worn on the inside of the teeth, to clear aligner techniques. The right treatment for you depends on your needs; some of the possible solutions are detailed below.

If you would like to discuss the options available in more detail call us today on  01162 796 565 to arrange your consultation. We will be able to discuss all your suitable options in detail and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces (train tracks) are fitted to the front of the teeth. They may be total or partial, and are comprised of tooth coloured or metal brackets interconnected by metallic wires, which move the teeth. Tooth coloured self ligation braces are also used.

Cosmetic braces

Clear or cosmetic braces consist of transparent or tooth-coloured brackets and provide a less conspicuous alternative to metal braces. They provide great results and are one of our most affordable aesthetic treatments, making them a popular choice.

We offer a range of the latest clear appliances including Clarity Advanced and Damon Clear brackets.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed to the inside of your teeth. You don’t have to remember to wear them, nor do you have to take them out to eat and drink. They offer a completely discrete way to straighten the teeth. Incognito is a lingual brace custom made to the inside surfaces of your teeth which provide a time efficient and predictable results.  For more information click here

Incognito lite

Incognito Lite is a new system that has evolved from the Incognito full treatment. This is a partial lingual brace and allows the just the front six or eight teeth to be straightened invisibly for a minimum of 6 months. Prices from £2000


Invisalign is an aligner orthodontic treatment, which uses custom-made clear aligners to fit your teeth. The benefit is that the aligners are clear and can be removed for important occasions or when eating. The treatment involves wearing a series of aligners, which are changed every 2 weeks and use light pressure to move the teeth into position. The Clincheck ™ system allows you to view how the teeth can be improved. For more information click here

Before and After

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Patient 2

Patient 3

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Patient 5


Patient 6

ortho-1 before ortho-1 after

Patient 7

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Patient 8

ortho-9 before appollonia ortho-9 after apollonia

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